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Stop Selling. Make Buying Easier!

About us

Founded in 2012, ZINation helps brands with a complete online e-merchandising solution, enabling effortless creation of shoppable e-catalogs and other digital sales and marketing assets. We were founded on the belief that brands need to stop selling and make buying easier! Using ZINation, e-commerce merchants can convert static paper, e-commerce sites, and online product lists to professional, browsable, shoppable and shareable e-catalogs in minutes. ZINation customers have seen an increase in sales up to 68% while reducing the effort to create such catalogs by 90%.  

Our mision

Make it easy for brands to create raving fans

Our vision

Personalize every customer touchpoint

Our Core Values

Passion for Customer Success

Your success is our success. We truly treat you like a partner not just a customer, so we hope you will treat us the same way.​

Open, Honest and Transparent

Everything we do, we strive to ensure you understand the why behind our decisions and how it can impact all of us. From the pricing to support, we are truly open.

Innovation Driving

Technology is changing fast and so do we. We continue to leverage the latest new technologies to help you take advantage of them. We are keen adopters of new technologies and staying ahead of the trends.

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