ZINation Shopify Apps

Easily design, publish in PDF or share online your own beautiful custom catalogs with no coding or design experience required.

Catalog Maker for Shopify Stores

Design and share your custom catalogs from PDF to mobile


Catalog maker for Shopify stores including wholesalers

From high res PDFs for print to mobile friendly emails

Design and publish beautiful custom catalogs yourself with no coding and little design experience. Our drag n drop builder with pre-built templates will make your life easy, including customizing colours to match your brand.

Build custom catalogs with custom parameters including pricing (discounts, don’t show), password protected

We provide you with a fully customized catalog, for everything you need. Create your catalogue for specific audiences and use our tools to modify it in just a few clicks. Share your catalogue public mode or give access to certains buyers!

Customers can request a quote for all products/selected in a catalog


Your customers instantly can select from all your items and add them into our Shopping cart. They don’t need to download or install anything. They just access, select what they like and push the order! 

What makes ZINation Catalog Maker the best choice for Shopify store owners? ​


Create error-free catalog and linesheet automatically by using your personalized template.


Effortlessly to convert currencies or exchange rate to serve international customers.


Place order inside the catalog while viewing products, no account or login required.


Easily set bulk discount and apply custom price list to target on different customers.


Protect your catalog by access code to show the right price to right customers.


Track inventory in the catalog and sync with Shopify inventory in real-time.

Simple to use and customize

Flexible no-coding or design building

Works great on mobile

How to use a Catalog Maker on your Shopify Website?

You have different options, choose the best one that suits your needs. Some merchants embed their catalog at their Shopify Store. Others preferred to share their catalog in social media, emails campaigns or just sending catalog links directly to buyers.

How to build an online catalog with Shopify products?

Step 1

 Add ZINation from Shopify App Store.

Step 2

Click at create catalog. Select manually to create your own Layout with Drag & Drop or click automatically and select one of our +25 templates.

Step 3

Select your products and collections for your catalog. Name it and customize as you like. Enjoy your e-catalog available to sell online!

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