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Product Feeds & Ad Management

Acquire more shoppers to your store

How to create product feeds for Google Shopping with your Shopify store

If you want to leverage Google Shopping Ads or Google Smart Shopping Ads, you will need to setup a product feed that automatically syncs your products in your Shopify store with all the required data fields.  With ZineAcquire, not only can you easily create your product feeds, you can also easily setup a daily ad budget for Google Smart Shopping campaigns and easily track your return on ads investment all in one place.

ZineAcquire: Shopify App Overview

Unlimited product feeds to Google properties to help grow your business

Easily setup top-quality product feeds, perfectly tailored and optimized for your channels and audiences with the best SEO meta tags.

Google Product Feed Shopify
Google Shopping Sync Shopify

Leverage Google Shopping for FREE to make it easier for people to find your products online

With Google Shopping now available for free in every country, now is your chance to start syncing your products to Google to get maximum exposure for your store.

Setup Google Smart Shopping Campaigns in Minutes

Leverage Google’s Paid Ads tool that leverages AI to find new customers easily across Google Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. Set your product feed, a daily limit and you are all set.

Google Smart Shopping Shopify


Smart Shopping creates ads by utilizing a product feed submitted through Google Merchant Center (GMC).  You’ll need to setup accounts in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads and then link them together.  Then you will want to create a Shopify Product Feed that gets submitted thru your GMC.  Don’t worry ZineAcquire can walk you thru each and every step from setting up the new accounts to leveraging your existing ones.

Google Shopping is becoming free in most countries.  So similar to Google Search to get discovered at the top of the results/page, you will need to leverage a paid strategy. How much you invest in paid is totally up to you and you can easily experiment with your simple daily ad spending budget if you decide to leverage the paid version.  But we recommend you try the free options now before your competitors and others do to take complete advantage of this amazing marketing channel.

Smart Shopping campaigns help put your products in front of hundreds of millions of potential shoppers on Google. To help you get the best value from each ad, Google Smart Shopping automates your ads across all their main Google networks including Gmail, YouTube and Display Network. Your daily spending limit is whatever you want.  Google Smart Shopping is tailored to smaller brands who are not experts in setting up a paid advertising strategy.  Just realize the smaller the budget the longer and more difficult it is for Google’s AI to find a good return on ad spending.  Also spend too much and you are wasting valuable growth money.  Many brands start at $10-20 per day and then experiment from there.

Google Shopping is the tab on the traditional Google search homepage site.  It literally displays Shopping results for any Google Search query.  Smart Shopping is a fairly new campaign type within Google Ads, with the goal to simplify advertising products on Google Ads platform by using automated bidding and ad placement across their network using their own AI to optimize your return on ad spending for you.

Everyone knows Google Search where you type in a question/query and get some pretty great results based upon their very advanced AI algorithms.  Google Shopping is a relatively new tab found under your Google Search query.  You will normally find under the search bar the default All, followed by Shopping, Images, Videos, News and More.  Google Shopping is the Shopping tab.

The Google Merchant Center is your single one-stop online dashboard where online retailers manage their appearance across all the Google eCommerce products and services to make changes to their online listings as needed. Google Merchant Center helps you get your shop and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google.

Whether you are a beginner with Google ads or an advanced digital agency, some clients are finding great return on ad spending (ROAS) results.  Plus you can create up to 100 Google Smart Shopping campaigns to great finer campaign goals and allow Google’s AI engine to do even more heavy lifting for you.

All of Google’s product listings and ads are data feed driven.  Google wants to ensure users get the best experience from what is indexed in search & shopping is the same as what is displayed on your website.

Once Google has your from your Google Merchant account setup, you simply set a daily budget (starting usually at $10-20), pick which products, and set the country of sale.  Google’s machine learning algorithm gets to work deciding various ways to show your product ad across its networks.  Their system automatically tests different combinations of images and text to find the optimal combinations for you.

Smart Shopping ad campaigns feature Google Product Shopping Ads (your standard product ads), local inventory ads and display ads (including dynamic remarketing and prospecting look-a-likes) which then appear across Google’s entire network including Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Gmail.

Add the ZineAcquire app to your Shopify store today!

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