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Shoppable Lookbook

Showcase your products beautifully in use to inspire visitors

How to create a shoppable lookbook with product tags for your Shopify store

Help your customers easily visualize and get inspired by seeing how your products look like in real life scenarios.  From fashion shops to pet retailers to food and everything in between.  Adding product tags to your beautiful images has never been easier.

ZineAcquire: Shopify App Overview

Upload your images and add your product tags instantly

Turn any beautiful image into a shoppable experience where users can directly add to cart inside the lookbook.  Create beautiful website header carousels with multiple images for a fully interactive lookbook experience.

Add Shopify Products to Lookbook
Convert PDFs into Lookbook

Convert PDFs into a digital lookbook

Have you already invested in PDFs and other images.  Easily upload those and turn into digital experiences that are fully shoppable.

Add digital product lookbooks easily to any webpage or landing page

A lookbook header for your marketing campaign efforts will help take your results to the next level.  The ease to create a beautiful, interactive lookbook should not be hard, so we made sure it isn’t!

Add Lookbook to your Shopify Store


A lookbook used to be a physical books that fashion brands used to showcase their latest collections with models showcasing them in actual use.  Today digital lookbooks for eCommerce stores is a more creative and interactive way to showcase your Shopify products usually in action where users can flip through to see more images and then click on tags to learn more about the products they discover.

Making a lookbook with ZINation is easy.  Simply connect our app to your store, upload your images including PDFs and tag your products to the products showcased in your images.  Then add the lookbook to your store!

That's totally up to you.  Since you don't have to worry about printing, you can easily create lookbooks for any campaigns or specific targeted customer profile groups, new collections and so much more.  

Add the Lookbook Maker App to your Shopify store today!

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