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Wholesaler Sales Suite

Enable your sales team to sale more

How to use catalogs to take control of wholesale pricing and bulk orders

Automatically create wholesale catalog where customers can place orders directly. Offer discounts to value customers and bring your wholesale business to next level! Have your wholesale catalog, line sheet, price list ready to go automatically in one minute. No more time-consuming demand and frustrating moments of manual process. Save time and money while meeting your sales goals.

ZineCatalogMaker: Shopify App Overview

Easily manage wholesale custom pricing, discounting and currency per customer

Bypass all the complex ordering processes and make it easier for your B2B retail clients to work with you via an easy catalog based shopping experience where you can manage pricing per customer.  

Wholesale Catalog Sales Quotes
Wholesale Catalog Custom Pricing

Accept and track orders directly in the catalog

Your customers can add products to a line sheet and submit their orders directly via the catalog, while all your inventory is synced in real-time with your Shopify store.  Also, all orders go to your Shopify store as a draft order where you can edit and manage them accordingly. Increase conversions to boost your wholesale business and bring it to the next step.

Support a broader audience with automation and personalization

Your custom wholesale catalog is an easily shareable asset that can be created for one or many customers including a protected password to show the right price to the right customers.  Create error-free catalogs and line sheets automatically by your sales team to boost your wholesale business and bring it to the next level.

Automate Wholesale Catalog Making


It’s a personalized file able to show all your products with images, price, description & more. It allows you to share it easily to increase your conversion rate because our Shopping Cart helps your buyers to see all your products and purchase directly from their catalog.

We have purposefully created the Shopify wholesale sales suite to be as flexible and specifically designed for wholesale sales. Most Shopify wholesale apps don’t take into account the special needs of wholesaler customers.  Stop trying to put a square peg in a round whole.  Store owners and wholesale sales team members should stop being frustrated trying to figure out how all those discount rules and how invoicing should work.

Spend more time with customers doing what they do best - selling.  We have worked with hundreds of wholesalers helping them solve any complexity problems they have to ensure their business can operate smoothly on the Shopify platform.

1. Simple Wholesale Discount Pricing: No complex setups, simply, connect your Shopify store and start managing price discounts per item, category and more. No difficult dynamic pricing rules to figure out.

2. Wholesale Discount Rules: Easily control your pricing and discounting needs based upon roles, percentage based, minim order requirements, by customer, by product category and much more.

3. Per Customer or Role Based Control: You can easily create an online ordering catalog portal for any specific customer or role with password protected controls, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Add the Wholesale Catalog Maker app to your Shopify store!

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