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Wholesale Custom Pricing, Bulk Discounts and Pre-Order in One Platform

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Shopify App Overview

Helping wholesalers including B2B with tiered pricing, quantity breaks and bulk discounts via a digital catalog ordering experience

Custom pricing management

Extend the SAME Shopify store to easily offer Wholesale, B2B or Custom Pricing to your premium, bulk customers.  Discounts can be as simple as setting 10% off the entire store or setting up quantity breaks based upon bulk purchasing, and much more.

Shopify Wholesale Catalog

Sales team VIP enablement

Your sales team will love this!  By creating a better, easier and more custom experience, with ZineWholesale you will bring back the human interaction and personal touch while still scaling your team to hit their sales objectives. 

Easy ordering via a shoppable catalog
Create custom shoppable catalogs that you can send to specific groups of customers or even individually and set whatever price levels and bulk discounts you wish to set.  No more clumsy website logins and noisy experiences, simply provide a custom experience selecting the products you know your customer is interested in to make it easier for them to buy!

Shopify Whole Catalog Customization

Why ZineWholesale?

Extend The Power of Your Shopify Store And Even Include Pre-order Items That Are Not Currently in Your Product Catalog

Easily Manage Custom Pricing, Multi-Currency, Discounting Per Customer, and Much More

A Sales Tool Your Team Will Actually Love And Use

What people say?

"We're very happy with Wholesale Catalog Maker. Yes, it does take some practice to learn the ins/outs and become proficient. But once you do, it's very easy to create and you realize how powerful it is. Our printed catalog looked stunning!"
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Mission Mercantile
"This app is awesome, but the amazing customer support is what truly sets it apart! I was able to spend several days designing, revising and having my team contribute. "

FREE World-Class Support from Real People.

Growing a business is not easy! Our entire team including our CEO is here to help you in every possible way.  With 8+ years in app development for the Shopify ecosystem, we continue to learn and share our knowledge with our clients. So please reach out to ask for help, provide feedback and help us build something great together. 

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